About Math.En.Jeans

In addition to my teaching activities at SUTD, I am also collaborating with the International French School of Singapore (formerly Lycée Français de Singapour), which started a math-related workshop that pairs school students with researchers at local Universities/Colleges.

The objective is to promote science (and more specifically mathematics) to young students (15-18yo), by having them work on fun projects, with real-life applications. This workshop has been running for many years in Europe and this was the first of its kind in Singapore.

During these projects, students work on fun and interactive mathematical projects, with concrete mathematical applications. See the list of past projects below for examples.

More information about the MathEnJeans project, here (in French):

More information about the French School of Singapore, here:

A note on 2019-2020 projects

Due to the coronavirus situation, the projects for year 2019-2020 had to be interrupted. No outcomes for those projects were obtained.

The presented topics will most likely be reused next year.

MiniMetro (2018-2019): optimizing transport lines in a given transportation network.

During this project, I had the students work on the Mini Metro video game, a puzzle/strategy game, where the students had to design and optimize a transportation network. We used this video game to discuss typical transportation network problems and introduce notions of optimization, graph theory, and queueing theory in a fun and interactive way.

More information about our Mini Metro Project, here: