Students Projects

CyberFence (Year 2021)

I mentored the CyberFence project, assisting student Nguyen Tan Long.

We have won the Community-Building sub-theme challenge as well as the overall Second Runner Up (Tertiary) at the SCS Splash Awards 2021. You can view the recorded video of the event at

In addition, we have also won the BEST INNOVATION award and THIRD PLACE prize at the 26th International ICT Innovative Service Awards 2021, organized by the Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Computer Center of Ministry of Education, Chinese Society for Information Management along with Taipei Computer Association, held in Taiwan.
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SUTD Capstone (Year 2021)

I have been involved with the SUTD Capstone team for the first time in Year 2021, and have supervised 8 Capstone projects from Jan 2021 to July 2021. The projects list can be found online on the Capstone website at

It should be noted that one of my projects, the PlayCubes one, has won the Public (1st place) and Faculty (2nd place) Awards, as highlighted in the new section of the following page: